Coastwide Therapy Services is a registered provider under the NDIS and in 2018 completed Third Party Verification with 100% compliance. We provide Occupational Therapy to children and adolescents who have Early Childhood Intervention or Therapeutic Supports in their current plan.
What is the NDIS?
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a scheme designed to help improve disability services and provide greater control and decision making to Australians with disabilities.
Those people with disabilities and their families will be active participants in deciding what support, equipment and therapy services they require for all aspects of care. An eligible participant living on the Central Coast will most likely meet with a local area coordinator (LAC) from St Vincent De Paul or if your child is under 7 years then you will meet with a planner from Lifepoint once your eligibility to the scheme has been determined. These people work together with you to identify what current and future supports you believe are most important for your child (your goals).
You will then receive a plan with an allocated amount of funding allowing you to purchase services, aids and equipment from a variety of service providers that YOU choose. From a therapy perspective this may include Occupational Therapists, Speech pathologists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Educationalists and Allied Health Assistants.
If your circumstances or condition changes, you are able to apply to have your funded plan adjusted to meet current and ongoing needs. This can be a lengthy process.
Please note: You DO NOT have to have all your child’s therapy provided at the same service, it is your choice and you can choose to leave a provider at any time just by giving them notice. Never feel locked in, you have control over the services you decide fit best with your family.
How do I access NDIS funding if myself, my child or a person I support is eligible?
Firstly you and your child or the person you support; meet with a ‘planner’ from the National Disability Insurance Agency to confirm eligibility. From there the planner will discuss your goals, hopes and aspirations for the future which goes on to form a ‘plan’ outlining the supports that will be required.
Coastwide Therapy Services can work with you throughout your planning process and once you get your package.
This package entitles children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder to claim up to 4 sessions for assessment (until 13 years of age) and up to 20 sessions for treatment (until 15 years of age). In order to access this package an initial consultation is required with a Paediatrician or Psychiatrist (NOT a GP) to register the diagnosis with Medicare therefore making the child eligible for these rebates. Please NOTE these consultations can only be used ONCE within the lifetime of the child, and NOT every calendar year. The sessions can be spread across years and used with a range of health professionals. It covers diagnoses of Autism, Pervasive Development Disorder, Rett's Disorder, Asperger's Syndrome and childhood Disintegrative Disorder. The amount rebated for Occupational Therapy is $70 per assessment and treatment session.


Coastwide Therapy Services is an eligible provider of early intervention services under the FaHCSIA guidelines for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. To be eligible for the early intervention funding package a child must have been seen by an Autism Advisor and deemed eligible to access the program before their sixth birthday. The $12,000 in funding under the early intervention component can be used until the child's seventh birthday to a maximum of $6,000 per financial year. The Autism Advisor for NSW is ASPECT and they can be contacted on 1300 978 611

Better Start for children with disabilities

As of 1 July 2011, children who are aged under 6 years and have been diagnosed with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, Fragile X syndrome, or a moderate or greater vision or hearing impairment, including deafblindness, can be registered to access early intervention funding. If a child is diagnosed with one of the listed disabilities he/she can be registered to access early intervention funding of up to $12,000 (up to a maximum of $6,000 per financial year).

The funding can be used to pay for early intervention services provided by health professionals who are members of the Better Start Early Intervention Service Provider Panel. The professionals on the panel include speech pathologists, audiologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, orthoptists and others.

In order to access this package children are required to be seen by a paediatrician, OR a relevant medical specialist, such as a neurologist, ophthalmologist, otologist or ENT, OR your GP, OR Australian Hearing.

Medicare - EPC | GP Care Plan

This program can be accessed through your GP. The eligibility criteria states that you must have a "chronic" condition (your condition is likely to impact you for over 6 months) and there needs to be 2 health professionals involved in providing services. Your GP must co-ordinate the Care Plan and send out the appropriate referrals to the involved health professionals. Under this program you can access up to 5 sessions in total for individual therapy rebated by Medicare for "Allied Health" NOT 5 sessions for each professional, per calendar year. The Health Professional providing the service must be registered with Medicare. For Occupational Therapy the rebated amount is approximately $50 per session.

Better Access to Mental Health

This program can be accessed via your GP, Psychiatrist or Paediatrician. You must be clinically diagnosed with a specific mental disorder (these include Anxiety, Depression, Conduct Disorders, Sleep Problems, ADHD etc). This program entitles you to up to 12 session rebates. Initially referrals are for 6 sessions to an Allied Health professional, after this time the health professional must write to the referrer, and you may receive another 6 sessions if needed. Health professionals must be registered as a Mental Health provider with Medicare. 12 sessions are calculated per calendar year. Rates of rebate may vary, however typically 45 minute session conducted at the clinic, the rebate is approximately $50 and approximately $70 for a session that is a minimum of 50 minutes long.
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