In addition to supporting relationships between a child and their family members, we are committed to facilitating meaningful relationships with your child's peers and siblings. We may recommend individual sessions first, and when ready, a dyad (two children and one therapist), followed by larger groups if/ when possible.

During these groups we continue to work on the identified goals eg motor skill development, sensory regulation, school readiness, social skill development, play skills, mindfulness etc whilst fostering the social understanding and bond between friends.

Children learn best from other children and at Coastwide Therapy services we work hard to ensure the grouping of children leads to a successful group. Only children who are currently engaged in our service can attend our group programs as this allows us to group children who we think will match well together. 

NDIS funding CAN be used for group therapy at a rate set by the NDIA. Groups will be run by an OT and where necessary the help of our allied health assistants.




We may recommend individual sessions first, and when ready, a dyad (two children and one therapist), followed by larger groups if/ when possible. During these groups we continue to work on the identified goals for the child, whilst incorporating the social understanding and bond between friends.

Fussy Eating Groups

Fussy feeding groups assists children who are fussy eaters and those who have limited diets to develop their eating habits using an individualised or group model. Our program is based on the SOS approach to feeding and allows children to learn about, explore, play with and test different foods in a safe way. Individual-sessions may be recommended first before moving to a small group model.

School Readiness Groups 
School Readiness Groups usually run term 3 and 4 and are for children commencing school the following year. These groups focus on gross and fine motor skills, play skills, pre -writing skills, classroom routines, along with social skills necessary for school commencement. 

Friendship Groups (Social skills) 

These groups are always very popular and loads of fun. They are run throughout the year and based on considered grouping of children based on need, age and level of support. Our social skills groups focus on the following areas – Greetings, turn taking, waiting, listening to others, eye contact, play ideas, coping with winning and losing, circles of support, appropriate touch, identifying emotions in others and theory of mind. It is unlikely that they will develop all of these skills and generalise their new skills immediately, hence parents will be given ideas and activities to practice at home. 

Gross motor groups

This group is super fun and run at local sporting fields. It is run by Occupational Therapists and allied health assistants and is super popular. This group usually runs as a holiday intensive - so children attend 4 days in a row. This group has a focus on sensory regulation along with other skills such as social skills including - waiting, turn taking, sharing, greetings, language development and listening skills to name a few. The group also works with children to enhance their physical skills such as gross motor, planning, visual motor skills, bilateral skills, body awareness and strength. Parent participation is encouraged.

Meal preparation and cooking groups

Children will be assessed individually initially for suitability for a group/ dyad, and then either placed in an appropriate upcoming group. These groups focus on researching recipes, basic kitchen and meal preparation, safety, money and budgeting (for our adolescents), safe exposure to new foods – along with the social skills of working in a group environment with peers. 

Bike riding groups 

These groups are run as a school holiday intensive to teach children the skills they need to ride a bike. It is so popular, loads of fun and always has great outcomes. Children are required to have their own bikes and safety equipment. Groups are run at different locations based on the grouping and therapist capacity. 

Play skills groups 

These groups are targeted for our little ones prior to going to school to focus on the skills required to play with others. There is a focus on pretend play and moving children through the stages of play so they can be better equiped to make and maintain friendships with their peers. This a 6 week program run throughout the year. 

NOTE: Other groups may be offered throughout the year and will be based on numbers and common need within our service. The above mentioned groups may be multidisciplinary including an Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Speech pathologist, Psychologist, Music therapist, Educationalist or Allied health assistant etc.

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